The journey begins…


My name is Phillip Wolf and I’m aspiring to become a MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) in  ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). What will be found here is the tale of my journey to achieve ALM mastery, as well as some attempts to learn JavaScript.

My current goal is to learn how to integrate Visual Studio 2012/2013 with Visual Studio Online(Team Foundation Service) and automatically deploy from VSO to Windows Azure. I also will be delving into Branching and Merging Scenarios/Strategies.

Some background information on me:
I’m currently 22 years old and I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ve been here for quite some time and can barely remember anything prior to moving here. I went to school at ECPI and got a BA in Network Security which landed me the role as a Technical Support Analyst at a company that sells Visitor Management kiosks.

I’ve been interested in coding since I was very young but I never seriously got into it except for a for courses in C#, C++ and HTML through my school years. Recently my employer has opened a door for me and put me in the hands of our well-established developer, which is what brought us here.

What I do in my free-time (if not studying and learning – of course):
I’ve been a huge gamer all my life and have put enormous amounts of hours into every single release of Call of Duty(since the original on PC), played WoW for countless hours for years on end, got an itch for Everquest 2, fought to destroy my enemies nexus on the Fields of Justice in League of Legends and battled for glory in golden hallways in Guild Wars.


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