Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio Online and Azure – Continued.

I’m picking up where I left off in
This blog will cover my attempts in creation of the website files, checking-in to VSO, creating the website on Azure and integrating it with VSO.

So I’m already connected to VSO via Visual Studio and I have my local mapping setup recursively. To add a web site to my project I click
File -> New -> Web Site.

Here are my selections:

New Web Site

After clicking OK I get “Creating project ‘WebSite’….” which only took a few seconds. Here’s the part that confused me a lot the first few times… It didn’t show up in my Source Control Explorer – After clicking around for a bit I eventually learned what the heck a ‘Solution’ was.

Here’s what I found out on Solutions:
A Solution is a structure for organizing PROJECTS in Visual Studio, it maintains the state of information for projects in .sln(test-based,shared) and .suo(binary, user-specific solution options) files.

Solutions are required by Visual Studio and is created with a project if none are existent.

The Solution definition file (.sln) stores metadata  that defines the solutions

  • Projects associated with the solution
  • Items not associated with a particular project
  • Build configurations that determine which project configurations to apply in each type of build

So, after creating my website – it was now sitting in a new solution which is viewable from a tab called the Solution Explorer. Now that the solution is visible I can right click on it and choose ‘Add Solution to Source Control…’

Solution Explorer - Add to Source Control

This now prompts me to choose a Source Control System for the new project – the options presented are TFS and Git – I chose TFS, of course. Visual Studio then wants to know, What do you want to call the Solution’s Folder? which I named WebSiteSolutionAdd Solution to Source Control

This part confuses me a little – After clicking OK, I know have

$/Fierce Strawberry Gatorade/WebSite
Contains: Web.config & Web.Debug.config

$/Fierce Strawberry Gatorade/WebSiteSolution
Contains: WebSite.sln & WebSite.vssscc

Shouldn’t the WebSite project folder be IN the WebSiteSolution folder? The solutions folder also didn’t follow my recursive mapping scheme and put itself in my VisualStudio folder.
Added Solution to Source Control

Next – Questions aside as I’ll find out here eventually – I check-in to make sure everything moves over to VSO.

VSO after Check-in

My website still needs a Default page to display, a homepage. In Visual studio I clicked File -> New -> File… -> HTML page, which created a new .html file called HtmlPage.html in my WebSite directory. I checked-in after making a few small changes to the HTML file.

The next step is to login to, create the site, and tell it that my Source Code is located on my VSO. In Azure, I went to Web Sites and clicked New -> Custom Create



After clicking the -> it asks you to authorize your account on VSO, so I entered PhilWolfHasAGatorade and clicked on Authorize which then asked me to specify my repository:


After clicking the check the site creates itself. When clicking on ‘View Deployments’ the page tells you “The team project is linked.” “Visual Studio Online will build and deploy your project to Windows Azure on your next check-in”.

I opened Visual Studio back up and from Team Explorer clicked on ‘Builds’ and there sat a new Build Definition called ‘FierceStrawberryGatorade_CD’. I’m going to go ahead and assume everything was created right and make a minor change to my HTML page and do a check-in.


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