Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio Online and Windows Azure

The main subject which has begun my quest into ALM is Continuous Integration and Delivery.These blogs will serve as documentation for myself as well as anyone who may happen upon these pages with the same intent. Here is my attempt for today starting from scratch:

First, I logged into Visual Studio Online and created a new Team Project called Fierce Strawberry Gatorade. By default, this started me off with a new container for the project Fierce Strawberry Gatorade located at $/Fierce Strawberry Gatorade on VSO.Image

Next I opened up Visual Studio 2012 and connected to the project I just created. Visual Studio Online was formerly known as Team Foundation Service, which is the cloud-based version of Team Foundation Server.


After connecting to the project I set up the local mappings. The path symbol $ represents the TFS source(main) direcotry you’re currently connected to (, $/Fierce Strawberry Gatorade represents the directory on my that holds my new project. I mapped my server’s $ to my local computer’s user folder for the account i’m using – C:\users\CARNAGE. When specifying the local mappings to things like build definitions, the directory that represents the servers $ is displayed as $(Source Dir). $(Source Dir) is used because it allows you to specify a local mapping that isn’t specific to a certain computer.

SERVER – $/Fierce Strawberry Gatorade
LOCAL MAPPING – C:\Users\CARNAGE\Fierce Strawberry Gatorade – $(Source Dir)\Fierce Strawberry Gatorade

After creating the Local Mapping, I wanted to put a HTML file into the project so I could create a simple web page to push out to Azure


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