Team Foundation Server – A Book, a book, I’ve got a book!

I feel like I’m so close to figuring out the select topics I’ve been working on, but so far at the same time. It’s a little frustrating.


I’ve got a book. This book, is about Team Foundation Server 2012. This book, is WROX Professional Team Foundation Server 2012 written by Ed Blankenship, Martin Woodward, Gant Holliday and Brian Keller.

This book, is now also over 50% off from what I paid for it just over a week ago at Barnes and Noble… 😦 oh well.

Along with my three current goals to master: Figuring out Continuous Deployment to Azure
//Which I’m pretty sure I’ve got down pat, I just lack some crucial
//knowledge to bring it all together correctly – Mainly .zip creation for
//deployment and if deploying a web service/application works the same
//as deploying a web site

Branching and Merging strategies and Adding/Removing users from a TFServer installation
//Which I also think I have down, I just need more background knowledge
//on our server setup here to ensure I don’t delete
I want to knockout at least a paragraph of this per-day and post back here on a coverage/summary of the information.


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