IT HAS BEEN DONE! Continuous Delivery successful

I have finally crossed the perilous asteroid field and currently in orbit around planet Continuous Delivery in the Windows Azure nebula.

I scrapped my previous projects because they obviously weren’t working and I always ended up to the same issue when I was running the CD build. Every single time, I’d get an error that the .zip package couldn’t be found and I delved into about 1000 different areas that didn’t did, but didn’t exactly pertain to my issue. Most answers I found where to add the build argument /p:PackageAsSingleFile=True which didn’t help. At all.

Previously, all I’ve tried to do use the New -> Web Site -> Empty ASP.NET and then I’d add an Index.html in which would be my dinky home page. I could Publish the site from Visual Studio, but as we know, the CD never would actually go through.

So, I found a guide on the Azure website on creating an ASP.NET MVC 5 application ( and followed them pretty closely. The only thing I really had a quirk about is that I didn’t have the MVC5 template, so I used MVC4. The MVC4 had a few minor differences in the creation but otherwise it was fine. The template creates a nice little website for you with all the essentials already included – which included the packages that I kept not having any clue about. There’s literally a folder labeled packages with about 30 different packages inside of it when I loaded this template – I hit the motherloaadddd.

I logged into and removed the previous project attachment I had with Visual Studio Online and then recreated the attachment pointing it to my new project that had the ASP.NET MVC4 application.

I skipped doing the manual publish that they show in the tutorial and instead went ahead and did a check in… SUCCESS. Not only once… but TWICE.CD WORKING


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