Installing a Team Foundation Server on my home PC

Forewarning: my posts are going to jump between subjects a little bit here as I find better ways to do things. I’m trying to pick up the easiest way to gain increment automation for the version number upon building. So that will also be getting some attention as well as other home-brewed experiments for learning.


So I wanted to have a personal version of Team Foundation Server to play with since the only real experience I’ve had with Team Foundation Server is actually with Team Foundation Service, now known as Virtual Studio Online.

Googled for Team Foundation Server 2012 Trial and DL’ed the tfs_server app. Launching the app promptly opened the TFS Configuration Center.


I downloaded the TFSInstall Guide from and looked through the pages real quick.

The first portion of the guide points out you have to have  64-bit OS from these thee server OSs: Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012.

Client OSs are also supported in both x64 and x86 on these two OSs: Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8

I went with the Basic Configuration which configures IIS and SQL Express.

Here are the steps provided in the manual – pretty simple to go by.


I went with all the default configs, chose to use SQL Express and let it configure itself,  it ended with a screen telling me the installation had been a success.


and I also got treated to this: (Please excuse the user and machine names, this is my personal PC at home…)TFS_WEB

the URL has a friendly name of greenphantom (my PC’s name) on port 8080(default TFS setting) in the Virtual Directory called tfs( indicated by /tfs after the URL). This is hosted by IIS Express


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