C# Fundamentals

Recently I’ve begun to dig into the C# tutorials on Microsoft Virtual Academy. I’ve started off at the very beginning hoping to rejuvenate my knowledge in the language and pickup any extra key information.

Up to now I’ve finished the first 6 modules which didn’t go very deep into the coding aspect but instead more heavily on Visual Studio itself and it’s interaction with you as you write code. They displayed how Intellisense works and various ways to work with the code through the Solution explorer as well as turning on Line Numbers to better reference a line of a code.



Class Library

-Library of code built by Microsoft to do stuff for us

-Helps with Math, Text, displaying to the screen, internet transmission


Run Time

-Common Language Run Time CLR

-Protective bubble application lives in




How to Display Text



How to wait for something to be pressed




Variables are buckets that hold data


int = integer, 8

string = string, “a string”


var = allows you to create a variable without declaring the exact TYPE of variable. MUST define the variable at the declaration.

var aVariable = 8′

var anotherVariable = “a string”


Keeping it simple…

Code is organized as blocks of code in curly braces.



-A named block of code that can be called and executed



-A way of naming and grouping methods



-Highest level grouping tool. When you create a C# Project, the name of the project becomes the namespace in your application in Program.cs




Console is a class call the method WriteLine()

Console can also call the method ReadLine()





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