Raleigh Code Camp 2014 Presentation

Last Saturday (11/8/2014)  was Code Camp Raleigh, hosted by TriNUG (Triangle .NET User Group). On this day, I did my first legitimate presentation, I was a Speaker. My session was called Automating GUI Testing, which had a short  PowerPoint and then a demo. The PowerPoint wasn’t too long as there wasn’t much to cover in it, the only important information was the requirements to run the automated tests. That didn’t make it any easier while standing in front a bunch people. I get extremely nervous during things like this – and it showed. Completely froze on one of the slides for a good 30 seconds, which to me, felt like forever. Luckily, I made it through the PowerPoint and got right into the Demo where I started to feel a little more comfortable.

Everyone looked dead during the PowerPoint, but after I got the first test to run, a people started to perk up (HUGE RELIEF). A few of the attendees began to engage in the demo and ask questions and looked genuinely interested. Once the demo was over, my insides felt like what I suspect they’d feel like after using a Jack Hammer, a wibbly wobbly jumbly mess. BUT, many people came up to me afterwards and put down any fear I had that I had done a terrible job. Hell, apparently it was apparently even good.

So, for anyone interested, here’s the code that I used in my demo. It includes my WPF app and the complete Data-Driven CUIT.


This is the first time I’ve created a Git repository so if there’s problems w/ the code, let me know.


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