Greetings. I’m Phillip Wolf and this is my blog. I started this blog solely as an ALM blog around 2013 but then began to expand into software development areas learning how to code front-end and back-end applications. Generally this blog will contain information/how-tos on topics that I’m learning throughout my days on DevOps, and general development from c# to JavaScript using a multitude of IDEs such as Visual Studio {enterYearHere}, Visual Studio Code, and Xamarin.

At the current moment (9/10/2016), I’ve got about 2 years real-world development experience using C# for WPF, Winforms, WebAPI, and ASP.NET. JavaScript on web applications using ES5, a bit of ES6, Angular1 and 2, and Knockout as well as using PhoneGap to move these sights onto iOS and Android mobile platforms. I’ve also been handling a lot of devops related items such as using Build and Release definitions as well as PowerShell to build and deploy code through Visual Studio Team Services, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Version Control, Git, GitHub, Azure, and PhoneGap Build.


I can be reached phillip.wolf91@gmail.com or on Skype at phillipwolflg


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